Scaling Your Consumer Goods Business with Agile Communication and Marketing Techniques

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Adopt a digital-first strategy to develop communications and services that enhance CX.

your power every interaction at home.

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Building Stronger Relationships with Customers: Expert Communication and Marketing Strategies for Consumer Goods

Create More Integrated Experiences

Integrate data from disparate systems such as CRM, customer service, and other silos to enable personalized communications for promoting new services and enhancing adoption rates.
Offer conversational interactions that allow customers to provide meter readings, update their address, make payment promises, or get answers to frequently asked questions without the need to speak with an agent.

Boost CSAT & Digital CX

Minimize the volume of incoming calls to the contact center by deploying an AI-powered chatbot as the initial point of contact. The chatbot can offer round-the-clock support and provide customers with helpful information.
Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by providing interactive channels like RCS, WhatsApp Business, and Apple Messages for Business for activities such as switching tariffs and account inquiries, which enable a more engaging and personalized experience.
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Conversational AI
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Real-Time CX Improvement

Enhance technician utilization and streamline operational efficiency by sending appointment reminders and real-time disruption updates through customers' preferred messaging channels.
Improve the billing experience for customers by sending billing reminders and enabling in-channel payments to increase the rate of successful collections.
Streamline the smart meter rollout process from initial marketing to installation scheduling with automation to increase sign-up rates.